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Everything I Want To Be

Im gonna find myself
Im not gonna be some book you put on the high shelf

But the moments slip one into the next

Blank Eyes..

they can not see
they can not show emotion
eyes that have veiwed the darkness in man's heart

My Problem

How can I still like her...
I'll never share it with her..


palms sweating
lips quivering
eyes widening
as I see you draw near

My New Sin

Sitting alone upon my bed
i think ab my new sin...

i wonder how she can feel this way?

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you are very talented. i absolutly love your poems.

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Evaughn Gray 23 July 2007

your a very good poet Renegade...your very good at wat you do..~your loving friend hazel

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If you wanna make the move
Then you better come in
It's just the ability to reason
That wears so thin
Living and dying and the stories that are true
Secrets to a good life is knowing when you're through

Black coat, white shoes, black hat, Cadillac
Yeah, the boy's a time bomb

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