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I don't read poetry books and understanding poetry is hardly something i'm good at. I like to write it and I feel i am good at it, with plenty of room to grow. I plan to get 70 good poems together and have them published. when I'm old and all that. not all my poems are great, so i know it will take time. With the 14 something posted on here so far, i'd say only five are good and still need improvement.
thanks for reading.

Bradley Flowers Poems

Petals Of Our Life

</>One could say:
There are petals for every flower
A record of moments
Every so many years

Sleeping In Wait

There is an alluring feeling
The way the eyes sink low.
they touch to the lids- then shutter
The closed moments that feel like eternity.

"Disconnected Tides"

Back then I was trapped: kept along the flux of tides;
desperate I envied the shallow times.
Intuitive to be buoyant regardless-
I struggled within the celestial sphere of colors shaded.

Connected Love

</></>Swaying beautifully I stare
Colors of purple violet with tranquil orange
It shimmers gently quixotic with you
My silhouette

Softly Solid

With words I sleep away,
Hidden beneath what others lay
Like quince.

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Paul Brookes 06 November 2011

great poems thanks for sharing. Paul

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Paul Brookes 16 October 2011

Lovley poems You don't get to write this well from any class, its a skill your botrn with. Well done

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