Brandi Knecht Poems

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Sitting Here Missing You

I am sitting here,
I am thinking of you,
all the sweet kissesthat we shared,
thinking of the strong embraces that we shared.

Given Up On You! !

Look at this,
Look at what you did to me.

You said you loved me,

I'M Sorry! !

Looking back now,
I realize allmy mistakes.

I was never around when you needed me the most.

Ambushed By Emotions

Small Reminders! !

As I am staring into the deep blue sky I remember,
The deep color of your eyes that I so often got lost in,
and the tears that I shed when I lost you.

Thinking Of You Makes Me Smile

Thinking of you always makes me smile.
Even though you wronged me I cant stop thinking about you.
Everywhere I turn I see your face,
I think its haunting me.

Cuts With Meanings All Down My Arms

cuts with meanings all down my arms,
i know it seems foolish,
i know it seems dumb.
cuts with meanings all down my arms.

Addiction Grows

one time was all it took,
and now im hooked.
my desire for weed continues to grow,
it consumes me.

If Only I Had Noticed

Now as I stare at you,
I notice what I had missed before,
I never noticed that sweet look on your face,
I never noticed how when I look in your eyes all my fear is swept away,


look at what u did,
look at what we had,
we had so much,
and u ruined it all.

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