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Be Brave!

Be Brave!
Fight those who fight you with

Save Me

You inorge my ever fiber of my being!
Even as I lay dying your gaze never reaches me,
Stone cold eyes stare away
Only looking to mock, to redicual, to hate!


Do I need to show remorse?
Do I need to show regreat?
You tell me I should
For what I have done,


You look at yourself as though you are perfect
And point out others faults
You laugh in glee as you see there hurt faces!

Bloody Rose

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I belive that any fool could write a sad poem, but it takes a true poet to write something that makes you grin with joy. Not saying that poets who write sad poems are bad at what they do, but I think its easier to write upseting poetry than happy ones. Sorry if this offends anyone, but that's just how I think(SO GET USED TO IT! !)

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