Save Me Poem by Bree Hodges

Bree Hodges

Bradon, Flordia

Save Me

Rating: 3.8

You inorge my ever fiber of my being!
Even as I lay dying your gaze never reaches me,
Stone cold eyes stare away
Only looking to mock, to redicual, to hate!

As the sky crys out in shouts and screams
You leave me out in the trembling dampness
Alone as I have always been.

In the darkness
Monsters in the closet of my mind grow
Atempting to tear my apart from my inside out.

I try to grow strong
But my streagth leaves as soon as you look towards me
Flames burning deep within
Lighting pours from your mouth and eyes

Tears of blood stream down my face as I whisper
Quietly, ' Why do you hate me so?
Am I so different that you feel the urge
To kill my uniqueness? '
What will you do when you realize what
You have done?

When all falls apart, will my savior be there?
All I want is someone's shoulder to cry upon,
Take my in your arms, weak or strong, and tell me you care!
And that you can save me, please be my Knight in Shinning Armor.

Bree Hodges 09 May 2005

Yes I do listen to Linkin Park. I love them! You nailed the point. I wasn't trying to make people depressed at all.

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Laura Cummings 09 May 2005

OMG! ! this is defo your best yet.. do you listen to linkin park by any chance, i love them and this feels verry LP.... less of an attempt to depress others and more to sypathise... i love it, please keep writting: D

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Bree Hodges

Bradon, Flordia
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