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My name is Brenda, the teenage epitomy of hate and love. I'm 18 I love poetry and I have a distinct way of writing. Poetry is my form of venting humanity's disgusting habits and feelings into something beautiful. I write as often as I can because otherwise I'll melt into a pool of human flesh and bones. I'm Bipolar, Bisexually in love with the North Pole....jaja. I'm Hispanic, bilangual yes. I'm in a love-hate realtionship with the world.

Brenda Tamayo Poems

Enemy Lines

The battle has disappeared and the bell has rung three times my friend
We have been left standing behind enemy lines, weaponless
And the more I try to hold on, the more I picture my wrist breaking
We can not speak to each other with empty words

If You Like My Mind

If you would'nt mind, I would like to bleed
If you would'nt mind, I would like to weave
But if you did'nt care, I would like to say
I like the way things look today and that frown on your face

The Empty Hole That Is Me

The origin to my creation is a mystery to me
I fear they have committed a mistake for me
I break their hearts in hope they had for me
The original plans were not born of me


Even the finest of roses must wither away
Petal by petal not a single one remains
Even people turn old and grey
Not a dropp of blood stays in their veins

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