Brevet Wilson Poems

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The Pure And Lascivious Period

She wore faux fox furs
dyed blue,
she said it matched her purple hair.
and ate nothing but Ramen noodles with miracle whip.

9 Miles On A Dirty Futon

I spent nine miles with her.
in a cheap apartment.
Boxed wine and cheeses with exotic sounding names.
Eaten on a blanket on the floor as we had no table.

A Study In Scarlet And Black #32

I know you;
You are the reoccurring dream I have had
since childhood.
The one that leaves me exhausted all day the next day,

Hotel Room #1

The police are raiding the hotel room next door.
A lot of shouting and flashing lights.
Lights that play optical illusions with her naked body.

Daydreaming At 5: 30 Am

I am waiting for the world to explode
I am waiting for the oceans to exceed their grasps.
I am waiting for you to start carving flaming words in to the air
with a silver forked tongue.

Train Wreck Ended By Car Wreck

There was a girl
(isn't there always?)
We met at a party where I was drunk and belligerent.
I usually am with pretty girls at parties who approach me,

... And I'm No Different

This city is full of animals.
Base and depraved.
Scavengers dressed in suits and ties,
women looking like panthers but attacking like rats.

Scorched Earth Policy.

We sat on the floor,
surrounded by obsolete maps.
Planning our 'great escape'
to places that no longer have names.

All The Lost Souls...

Sometimes I wonder
what has happened to all the lost souls
I have known through the years...

3: 15 At A Bus Stop.

On another planet
in another lifetime
we could have been something.