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One More Time

Where did we both go wrong, about it?
My memory of us is vivid, like romance under the sun shadow.
And scent of your perfume still strong,
as the wash of rainfall under the grey sky;
I traverse through hills,
But you scream inside me.
Like tattoo on the skin:
I hope to whisper ecstasy into your ears!
But you're distant.
And curled under his gaze;
I am chilled by that thought.

Am struggling, but am troubled!
If you didn't love our story,
Maybe let's moan in unison, this time;
Your void molded a husk of me.
I miss you, dearly;
Even when you shattered my heart!
And drove my mind to the extreme, Gothic;

Let's do it one more, time;
Life is of essence:
Because I don't know,
if it'll shine upon me morrow.
Can you do me the honors; of being the queen bee?
To my empty hive!
I don't mean to frighten your heart,
because my words were written upon gazed passion.
Where did we both go wrong, about it?

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