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An Adventure

My heart yearns for an adventure
For a strange and rare venture
Oblivious of the tons of dangers
For in adventures I ain't a stranger

Find Love

I know not where I shall find love
By the foots of the steep mountain or on the plains of clove
Where the oak trees shed their green blades on the brown grass
Perchance by the deserted road where lays the heap of trash

I Shed Tears

Yesterday with my hands on my chin I shed tears
Hot huge round drops after many years
For my heart was abundant of darkness as night
And nobody could understand my plight

A Rose Bruised Before Its Bloom

She slept still on the bleak bed
Her fragile frame was forever fixed
The sullen smile on her frown face
Crowned her earthly end

Music Of The Stars

The dark night clouds are starlit
As though to mock the moon
That arises at each twilight
To take the mantle from the sun

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Personal Details:
Name: Brian Odongo
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 24-09-1994
Parents: Gordon Odhiambo
Jael Achien'g
Marital status: Single
Religion: Christianity (Seventh day adventist)

2001-2008: Manyatta primary school
Grade: A-
2009-2012: Kisumu Boys High School
Grade: A
2014-present: University of Nairobi
Scho ...

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