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It is time to move amongst the bushes
to isolate the rooms
close up the gaps
out from the lapse.

In every dream there you are.
From every corner your eyes seek mine.
Our hearts beating as one.
The waves of passion running through us.


Hilda was blue
Betty was two
Jenny was red
Clare was dead

Jack the hack, a writer
worked as a waiter
he used to be a fighter
he used to be a hater

You put your left brain in,
Your right brain out,
In out-in out,
You shake 'em all about,

The wind blows
Across my face
My shadow moves
From place to place

As we walk hand in hand through the fields of yellow corn
Our voices singing with the innocence of childhood.
We talk of castles and grand things.
The wind carries our words to the clouds.

Dirty Dolly lost his lolly
dropped it while he rode the trolly.
the lolly melted on the floor
the lolly stick fell through the door.

I am in ecstasy
I am in joy
The angels have spoken
they speak in words that are not of this world

don't go back to sleep
don't go back to bed
don't sleep on your feet
don't close up your head

There was a girl
in New York City
Whose flashing form
was light and pretty


I dream't that
I was in body
flowing coolly
through the shoddy

In the golden sunlight
I lifted up my head
The golden eagle landed
To tell me I'm not dead

We placed all of our love into a heart shaped basket
For the Cherubs to gather up
And take to the poor in spirit.
We offer our thanks and our blessings

Our love guides us and the creative energy flows through us
like a deep river of endless depth.
We are to be to together my love.
Our hearts join together in a song of the soul.

when I look at the sun
your heart shines
and showers me with yellow rose petals.
your sweet scent engulfs me and fills me with the fragrance of love.

I was asleep
the birds came to sing me from my dreams
they sang a song from you
it sang into my heart

Look in your mirror and there I am
I am in the reflection of your soul
My image burns into you
Look my love here I am in your eyes

her hair is like fire
her essence is blue
her eyes are saphire
her soul a green hue

you say collaboration
i say procrastination
you say let's speak
i say next week

Brian Routh Biography

I am an artist and I have lived in the USA for 25 years. Mostly in Los Angeles with some years spent in San Francisco, Chicago, New York and on the Russian River. I moved to London when I was 12 and lived in Munich and Berlin for a time. I became a performance artist in 1972 and worked with a partner and we became the Kipper Kids. Since 1980 in addition to the Kipper Kids I have performed as a solo artist. I have also performed and collaborated with many other artists such as Karen Finley, Tony Labat, Eric Bogosian, Ian Hinchcliffe, Genesis P. Orridge, Public Image, the Sex pistols, Joanna Went, Henry Rollins and many others. I have performed all over Europe, North Africa, Canada, North America and the UK. Since 2008 I have been working in collaboration with artist Patrcia Wells who is creating animations for which I am creating the sound and music for...see here: http: //

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It Is Time

It is time to move amongst the bushes
to isolate the rooms
close up the gaps
out from the lapse.

forget the clouds that gloomily hang
around the centres
stopping the breath from freely passing.
to be alone as we all must be
in birth and death
no holding of hands
or clinging to mother.

it is time for me to be
to check myself alone
within the spaces of walking
through the avenues of trees
that bend their branches
their children leaves richly green
drinking mother's milk
detaching themselves and falling to the ground.

agonising moments of heart's despair
in air
on ground
to breathe a sound
alone in darkness
hollow sound
echoing back to sender.

remember the passion
of the garden dreams
wearing ceremonious garments
the making of vows
God, esteem and glory
out from it
has to be
all will wither
no more sound.

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