Brianna Wilkinson Poems

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*forgotten Past, New Future

Looking into your eyes,
I realize... My life will never be the same.
I don't want to place any blame..
but after all it IS your fault.

*i Don'T Want It Anymore, Take My Addiction?

Thoughts are turning,
my minds burning.

Life as I know it is fading...

*take My Blades?

Take them and throw then all away,
never give them back to me.

I can't handle them, no that's not it.

Shutting Down

Too many thoughts,
Too many emotions.
They come on all at once,
all too strong.

My Worst (Reoccurring) Nightmare

A knock at the door...
NO. I can't answer,
not any more.

Only One

I only need one person,
just a single one.....
to love me,
to see me.

I'M Always Here When Needed

I want to make things better,
yes I want to make them right.
But there's nothing I can do,
I really don't want to fight.

Not So Secret Liar.

I don't understand any more,
can all guys be the same?
At least I'll know whats in store,
I'll already have some one to blame.

Your Never Going To Change

I have my headphones in,
my musics blasting..
all i want to do is run from my past and....

Short One (Sleepless)

sleeping becomes an obstacle,
an illusion at its best.

Right about now I would do anything,

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