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Dating Death

I am healthy but am dying
That much we do know,
Through layers of medical pages and
The gloomy glances of doctors -

A Great White Misty Fog

A great white misty fog
Engulfed us on Christmas Day
As I went on my annual ‘walk-about'
On the great holy day of escape

The Winter

The sun sets with loving certainty
The evening cold, that signals the ensuring frost, quietly descends
Finding its way into my sinews and bones,
Quietly attacking their soft plush centres.

The Psychologist

Saw a psychologist today for the first time
But the cold damp weather dampened the room
Of heart-to-heart discussions. My voice permeated
Its air of uneasy silences and stale shadows that

The Holy Hermit

There once was a holy hermit, who
Serenely victorious,
Emerges from his wilderness, and declares:

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Terence Collings 09 April 2016

What a wonderful voice! ! Full of passion and purpose. Straightforward litany with resonance. I shall keep Her in my catalogue of good reads! ! ! ! !

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Jill Melinda 09 April 2016

Briony, I love your poem, Dating Death. It's really beautiful and exquisitely painful to read - very personal. Thank you.

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