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I don’t know what to do
I don’t know what to say
I don’t know if I can
Just forget it and be okay

When your walls were crashing down around you
I was always there to hold them up
When your heart felt as if it was gonna explode
i was there as your defuser

I want to slice my wrist
Just let me do it
Falling into sweet bliss
Don’t cry

You called me last night and I answered your call
I never thought in a millon years I'd hear your voice again
You broke my heart a millon times but still I loved you everytime
You changed your mind back and forth for months

I don’t wanna feel this way
I don’t wanna live another day
Can you tell me a lie
As you sit and watch my soul die

Today I cried.

For no reason at all.

guess she was right

I'm not enough for you

can you not see the look in my eyes

when i see you and my heart slowly dies?

My love cannot be defined
It cannot be explained
You could understand it if i put it in words
All i can do is prove it with my actions

I’m sitting in my room
The ceiling spinning above me
I’m thinking of my doom
The one who has caused all this

Once upon a dream
I woke up next to you
And you were still asleep
I jumped from our bed


I want to touch your face
Hold it in my hands
But I’ll have to refrain from even looking.
She’s with you you’re with her

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Well I'm 16. I'm confused about love and life at the moment and writing helps to get alot out. I only have one poem published in a book called Immortal Verses. I love to read and write and meet new people.)

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Because I Love You

I don’t know what to do
I don’t know what to say
I don’t know if I can
Just forget it and be okay
I don’t know if I can ignore it
I don’t know if won’t hurt
I don’t know if you care
I don’t know why I do
I guess I’ll put all aside
And let you burn me
Because I love you

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