broken soul.. No more

broken soul.. No more Poems

1. Breaking Me Inside 6/11/2007
2. Miss Him.. Hate Him.. 6/11/2007
3. Unwanted 6/15/2007
4. Regrets 6/15/2007
5. I Will Forget About You 6/15/2007
6. Painful Things 6/16/2007
7. I Am Me 6/21/2007
8. Going Back To Being Me 6/21/2007
9. Loneliness 6/23/2007
10. Rain Inside My Heart 6/23/2007
11. These Eyes 6/23/2007
12. Tears 6/23/2007
13. ~white Dress~ 11/18/2007
14. Only In My Dreams 1/13/2008
15. Broken Promise 1/13/2008
16. How Many? 1/13/2008
17. Untitled 1/13/2008
18. Your Memory 1/27/2008
19. Things I Miss 2/29/2008
20. When? ! 3/13/2008
21. My Promise 3/13/2008
22. Badly Hurt 3/15/2008
23. Saddest Part 3/19/2008
24. Free At Last 3/20/2008
25. I Dont Know 4/9/2008
26. You Could Have 4/9/2008
27. Hope 4/15/2008
28. Hope.. ~again~ 4/15/2008
29. Why? 2/29/2008
30. Forever With Me 2/29/2008
31. Too Bad I Fell For Him 2/29/2008
32. Questions 3/2/2008
33. Puppy Love 3/2/2008
34. Shadow 3/2/2008
35. He Left 6/19/2008
36. Giving Up 8/1/2008
37. Just For You 9/13/2008
38. Letting You Go 9/13/2008
39. Sorry 9/13/2008
40. Thank You 9/16/2008

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You’re the only one who makes me feel this way
My thoughts turn to you every night and day
I wonder if you’re okay or if something’s not good
I will be here if you call me, I would

Your smile makes my day so fine
Just like the sun, as pretty as it shines
How can I tell you that the one I like is you?
When you have her and I’m just a friend for you

But then, again you won’t hear me say a word
I’ll just sit right next to you, and ‘till you see what’s inside of me
But it would never happen, coz whenever she’s there
You can’t see me anymore, just like the ...

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Leaving Me Behind

So sudden u turn your back on me,
As if im the most annoying thing you see
Though you havent said it, your eyes show it all
And with the way you treat me now, i wish i didnt fall..

I dont know what to do, what i did wrong?
Is it something that you've been keeping for so long?
Why not tell me now, to clear this hanging mind,
Dont be cruel, dont try to be so unkind..

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