Brown mbadiwe Poems

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Rivers And Streams

1. With each golden breath, the life goes by, counting the cost we glow by.
Down, rivers and streams

2. A pity, pretty party galore.A glamour untold, so many adversary unfaced.

International Monkey

1. Anywhere, everywhere, I scream you scream. Just an international monkey.

2. Wherever, i dont mind. Anywhere, i cry, Just an international monkey.

Meet The Legends

1. The Legends in life
They've lived before, the death
A gone glory.

Singing Rain

1. As singing rain, we hope for the better.
Drops of drones ahead.
Smiles shelter secured.

Black Dance

1. Friends led to the ship, tied to chains. In solace we're matched as flocks.

2. Sang with our heart and mind, across turbulent times and water.

Down In Glory

A day in fall, i fell
Too much to beat, beating
Down in Glory

Up In Glory

A rise after fall, hands askew
Beating not to fall
Up in Glory

Cut Through

This is love, it cuts through. This is death, it cuts through, the tender destiny

Our destination in grace, in graves of pure romance. The Jewel we live, in life

Iz This Goodbye

1. This is goodbye, my love, my friend. Don't say goodbye, my enemy.
I will love you, if this goodbye

2. A crazy moment in love, am here.

No Time For Bed

1. The alarm for slumber, to awake in peace, in one piece to our glory
No time for bed

2. Having heavy hearts, a looming cloud, a time to run, a time for bed.

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