Bruce Morse Poems

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Your Heart Will Mend

The day we brought you home
There was a storm.
The sky grew black as night, thunder shook,
Like pages in a ghostly horror book.

Cleopatra's Needle

Cleopatra’s Needle threads the earth at noon
Through the warm gaze of the eye of the sun.
I look into the sky and see your face
And think somehow the world is kept in place

Beyond This Door

My bags are packed, I’m ready
And heading for the door,
Where I will once again become,
The nothing I was before.

The Wild Man Blues

Beneath this civil surface
There’s someone you can’t see
He’s the howling, growling monster,
The wild man in me.

The Silent Sky

It was a long time ago you left us,
You went without a warning or a sign,
You took all you wanted to take with you,
Running like a memory from your mind.