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1 Elizabeth's Mind. (A Chidrens Poem)

Elizabeth papers the walls of her mind
With cartoon characters of various kinds
Believe me, I tell you, there isn't much space
There's colour and laughter all over the place
At first, when you see them, they're standing quite prone
Then suddenly take on a life of their own
There are rainbows in skies where the sun always shines
A marvellous place is Elizabeth's mind

Believe me I tell you, you'll laugh till you weep
When you see a pyramid of balancing sheep
And a pig with a ballet dress. Yes, a tutu!
Dancing Swan Lake with a quick kangaroo
His big feet go bendy when he stands on his toes
Perspiration it runs like a stream off his nose
But, oh when he leaps up, no gravity binds
A marvellous place is Elizabeth's mind

There are quick sailing ships upon bright silver seas
Gay coloured birds on a soft fragrant breeze
And if you need an ice cream you just have to wish
And there it is, served in an edible dish
You can stay, you can laze here for day after day
And nobody ever will turn you away
It's like a soft bed that is all satin lined
A marvellous place is Elizabeth's mind

A world full of fireworks all sparkly and bright
The sky is anything but dark at midnight
And you fall asleep to soft music and swells
And drift on an ocean in a huge oyster shell
You are wakened by whispers of wind in your ear
And your carriage is waiting there drawn by reindeer
To stay! Oh to stay! It would be so sublime
To live all your life in Elizabeth's mind

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