Bryan Sefton Poems

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1 Elizabeth's Mind. (A Chidrens Poem)

Elizabeth papers the walls of her mind
With cartoon characters of various kinds
Believe me, I tell you, there isn't much space
There's colour and laughter all over the place

1 ' Oh! ' Said Diana. (A Childrens Poem)

'Oh! ' Said Diana 'how frightening
That the bee should have such a sting'
'Not really said one buzzing by her
They're handy for many a thing

1 Just Between Me And You. (A Childrens Poem)

The rabbits wouldn't thank me if I told you all their secrets
So if I tell you and they find out just say the swallows leaked it
They'll believe you for you see them always rushing here and there
Tittle tattling, calling someone, speaking rumours on the air

1 The Little Cobbled Backstreet. (A Childrens Poem)

There's a little cobbled back street runs behind our terraced house
Full of overflowing dust bins and a mouse that has a louse
He will sit and scratch for hours when he thinks no one is there
Behind his ears he scratches till his whiskers are a blur

1 Nightlife. (A Childrens Poem)

Time is dripping off the clock
The luminous finger glares
A mouse sits cleaning on a sock
The shoes sit on the stairs

.1 A Child's I Believe. (A Childrens Poem)

I believe in Santa
That he loves little boys
For as long as I believe in him
My parents being me toys

Mister Singleton.

Mister Singleton died today
I prayed to God in heaven above to save him
I wonder how rough a time we gave him
I never thought in terms of tears or pain

The Spider. (Written To Alleviate My Granddaughters Fears)

The spider on the ceiling sits
Views my Granddaughters hysterical fits
With a seeming bemused dismay
As terrified she runs away

Goyathlay And The Boy Reader

He rides with one, Goyathlay
The one they call Geronimo
They roam the High Sierra's
Searching for the white man

Mrs Jarvis.

She rides the bus to market
Gazing out upon the same old scene
Ever changing, never new.
Giving out the same old view

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