Brysha Mull

Rookie (10-23-90 / Sunbury, PA)

Brysha Mull Poems

1. Walk Away 11/27/2006
2. Anything For You 11/27/2006
3. Do You Love Me Too? 11/27/2006
4. Forever Tonight 11/27/2006
5. Inside 12/3/2006
6. Over My Head 12/3/2006
7. I'M Okay 12/3/2006
8. Where I Went Wrong 12/3/2006
9. A Love Poem 12/3/2006
10. Tomorrow 12/3/2006
11. A New Day 12/3/2006
12. Heroes 12/3/2006
13. Invisible 12/3/2006
14. Lovely 12/3/2006
15. Endings And Beginings 12/3/2006
16. Destiny 12/4/2006
17. Smoke 12/4/2006
18. The Wolf 12/13/2006
19. Watching Over Me 6/29/2007
20. What You Do To Me 12/9/2007
21. Alone 11/27/2006
22. Let Me Live 11/27/2006
23. My Heart 11/27/2006
24. Underneath It All 11/27/2006
25. Move Along 12/3/2006
Best Poem of Brysha Mull

Move Along

I've got nothing to prove,
To anyone including you.
I won' explain a detail,
About anything I do.
Im so sick of trying,
To explain the way I feel.
You won't listen anyway,
It's not a real big deal.
I'm so used to silence,
I will smile while tears well inside.
Even though you said,
There's nothing I should have to hide.
I'll never have you back,
But don't worry because I won't try,
So just move along,
And don't ask me why.
I'm a little numb,
But I guess that I'm okay.
I don't need you advice,
There's nothing you can say.
I ...

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My Heart

The days will pass,
And seasons have changed,
But in my heart,
The feelings remain.

This love for you,
Makes my heart beat strong,
It's been a few months,
But it feels like so long.

I know I love you,
These feelings are true,
I want you to know,
My heart beats only for you.

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