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Remember there's a mile in every smile
a well in every dwell

Smile before you rise

One day a stray horse
arrived in the Valley

Tired, beaten they arrived

Perched on the cliff face
Looking at a brave, new world
I cry from the wilderness, hear it today
Hear it for a thousand years

Friends three huddled a plan and boarded a tram
crowed and we flew cheeks merry in hues
tall trees mountain vistas, glaciers and lake basins
far and away safe harbour, rocky peaks we seek

There's a free in freedom
a dominate in dom
dominate implies ownership
terminates empowerment

There's a river that flows from a glacier of old
and the story told of children bold
catching lov'd life on a cliff on the heights

My dearest Brother
I heard you were Unable to make plans for the holidays
Breezed into Ottawa to share a cup of coffee
Let us catch up at Tim's in the Market Square

Look up look around
Look at the deep green surronds
Look at the sea dream on the beach
Look at the mountains birds soaring high out of reach


'False Evidence Appearing Real'

If my hearing did lose
no melody or chord on piano played
nor sonorous tone on clarinet heard
not one jot of scale or note

Remember Yesterday it was you and i

Yesterday setting out to sea
It was you and i

I saw your graceful stride alight
upon great waves lighthouse bright
Image cast upon a page
without doubt eternally brave

Upon a bed of rock my brave Black Spruce

Reaching to the sky the sunlight it

One blue, blue day
sky so vivid squint the eyes
row my skiff in heaving trys
turn a page find the sacred in sacrifice

3r's perched on Father's knee
whisk the eggs and milk mastering Moma's spelling bees
glance at papers inked upon a blaze
ride hansom to school excelling without belay

Yesterday i gave my feelings to the sea
sure that one day the sea would reside in me
my waves cascading on the beach
"All little waves part of the same sea"

Ration your seconds harvest your days
treasure your hours master your nights
talent your minutes energize hives of three
want learning the bittersweet victory

Always test the waters
estimate a chance encounter
never esp her mind
watch for sign languages

The super collision of a fusion decision birth of a star
Five billion years a red giant planet reliant
The erosion of implosion of ideas ventification
Super-manned cosmic voyageurs blast off shoulders of giants

Bud Taylor Biography

My favorite summer job was at wilderness canoe co-leader in the Whiteshell Provincial Park on the Lake Mantario Trail. One morning after an early hike and paddle i was returning to the cabin and found my co-leader swimming near the dock with a family of loons cavorting round and making a ruckus. One broke off and flew to my nearing canoe danced for me on the waters, calling out a hallo The most refreshing experience i had was upon the moraine path to Robson Glacier at the feet of Mount Robson. After an exhausting hike i looked up from the moraine strewn path to find a breeze lift from the cooling glacier flow over my weary body and carry my heart heaven ward It was near there i found two hoary marmots on the meadows of Snowbird Pass greeting hikers on the way to the summit of the trail overlooking Robson Park)

The Best Poem Of Bud Taylor


Remember there's a mile in every smile
a well in every dwell

Smile before you rise
Smile before you sleep

At the rising of the sun

Before you count the flock

For no reason
Just Smile

For every reason

Seek a rose in the Wilderness
and Smile

Remember there's a mile in every smile
a well in every dwell

Smile before you rise
Smile before you dream

Smile when you think of me

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Bob Barclay 09 April 2018

Great to meet you Bud and share our love of literature.

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'Remember there's a mile in every smile, a well in dwell'

I sat quietly, uttering not a word, while my coffee grew cold.

It is true that i love the blue butterfly

And tomorrows are promised to you and i

Tear-timely evidence appearing real. What can be more real, true or immediate than a tear?

Heart-happy evidence appearing real today

Peter's grandfather breaks from his counting the great aggregate value Ridership, done with the vague whispers of the many estimates, carbon footprint of vessels, hope for seven generations

Control is illusory, the only real control is self-control.

Freedom is everything, planning is everything. Plan to be free

I saw your graceful stride alight upon great waves lighthouse bright

For with just this one I could make believe each and rest imagination all will free

Image cast upon a page Without doubt eternally brave

Vessels and transit are carbon sinks or carbon reservoirs

This paradigm shift is called ridership on trains, or just plain Ridership and may occur anywhere people are travelling on vessels

Found the anger in danger fly butterfly fly

There is no i, no me in time

The vision of the one or the patent pool of the few cradles the future of the many

Find the gentle rain in train

Some of its hoky, the rest okey dokey

Not lack a clickety-clack, a quest well met and never look back

How now these talents foster and guide when fine paper awaits the ink in think boldly

Working oodles of doodles into mind and meaning

Taking our turns at a symphony delightly

Open this cell to find my Lady still cares And find at sunrise holding hands we double dare

Retturning to Earth finding solace in rebirth building castles in heavens fair

There's a river that flows from a glacier of old and the story told of children bold

Boy tops the ridge to take in the valley rift remembered reckless and blind to a bridge in time suspended seasons capture their tears on the petals which flow unended

Upon sandbanks casting a line with Mississippi current marking time

Not forgotten fishing gear and bait four frying catfish will appetite abate

I would set forth a thousand times to fetch thee a starlit sky casting all beneathe your silk clad sandalled feet

Where the hawk nests and soars on high upon warming updrafts to heavenly sky

Birds, ladybugs, dragonflies, and bumble bees flit all about meadows scattering flowers among the trees

From the gabled glints of a sunset mint to a golden sunrise with mysterious surprise

For a blissful whisper of a songbird serenade dancing in abandonment within a palace's palisade now barefoot on marble and slate a joyful pair we make all i ever wished my sweetheart's sigh in a midnight sky

There is a rupture in corruption

Find the rest in stress

Dancing thru double swing doors

no challenge too high or troublesome tryed

Gramps and Nana have an apt for adapting

Mark a trail the dreamers sailed raise a dream the children smiled praise the trail-blazers the edge of destiny blaze

Ears of fair whispers and charmed blissfuls

Destiny find her a soul suitor blind and bind to a truth in time true love finds

A lone cricket calling the tune riveting

It isn't a lark to sit in the dark

A friend will she be when my stranded soul set free light lens full returns us to a pleasant ville

Sleigh bells tinkling merrily horse drawn runabout

May snow fall softly on a winter's dream

Soul saving journeys, trot the sky in magnificence a'beam

Wayward knight for remedy rowed

Free in mind you will attain

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Bud Taylor Popularity

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