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Bud Taylor Poems

1. Thru White Capped Waves 6/19/2008
2. Lost On The Desert 6/20/2008
3. Find Where The Chasm Narrows 6/20/2008
4. The Stand In Understand 9/1/2007
5. The Shortboard Exercises: A Tribute To Rell Sunn 10/25/2015
6. The Magical Minstrels Of Lake Mantario 1/21/2016
7. No I In Time 2/23/2016
8. Ridership 3/11/2016
9. The Gentle Rain In Train 3/27/2016
10. A Typewriter Fancy 4/13/2016
11. My Quill Has An Edge Exciting 4/24/2016
12. The Air In Chair 4/27/2016
13. The Or In Door 4/29/2016
14. The Raft In Tom's Craft 5/1/2016
15. My Sweetheart's Sigh In A Midnight Sky 5/4/2016
16. The Rest In Stress 8/22/2016
17. Praise The Trailblazers 8/22/2016
18. Lone Cricket Riveting 12/23/2016
19. Fair Whispers 12/23/2016
20. Trot The Sky 2/11/2017
21. The Enchantress In Alluring 2/11/2017
22. The Wish In Wisdom I 6/10/2017
23. Bill Murray Dareall 6/11/2017
24. Hope 8/5/2017
25. Summer Showers And Dogwood Flowers 8/30/2017
26. Faith 8/31/2017
27. Seagulls, The Yonder In Beyond 12/31/2017
28. Remember Yesterday It Was You And I 8/28/2014
29. One Sense Left 11/11/2015
30. The Ink In Think 4/12/2016
31. The Ear In Heart 2/1/2008
32. Imagination Abounds 12/15/2017
33. The Petals In A Glacial Flow 5/1/2016
34. Lady Of The Longboard 4/30/2009
35. Liberty The Princess Of Freedom 1/30/2008
36. Oh To Fly, Oh To Fly 4/15/2007
37. Frank Cormack And The Forty Sticks Of Dynamite 10/11/2015
38. Two Happy Marmots, One Red Sock 2/11/2017
39. A Stray Horse 5/27/2007
40. Smile 7/11/2007

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Remember there's a mile in every smile
a well in every dwell

Smile before you rise
Smile before you sleep

At the rising of the sun

Before you count the flock

For no reason
Just Smile

For every reason

Seek a rose in the Wilderness
and Smile

Remember there's a mile in every smile
a well in every dwell

Smile before you rise
Smile before you dream

Smile when you think of me

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Oh To Fly, Oh To Fly

Perched on the cliff face
Looking at a brave, new world
I cry from the wilderness, hear it today
Hear it for a thousand years

The earth shakes and i catapult
onto a warming updraft
Circling, wheeling among the Winds of destiny
Beneathe, all the planet trembles at her footsteps

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