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Bullion Grey Poems

41. The Mesa In My Mind 5/19/2009
42. What Have You Been Up Too? 5/19/2009
43. Email To A Friend 5/20/2009
44. Last Night I Had A Dream 4/30/2009
45. These Truths 5/2/2009
46. Blessed Are The Gentle 5/21/2009
47. The Crab 6/15/2009
48. Years Ago.... 6/18/2009
49. An Inhabitant Of The Novel Of My Life 6/20/2009
50. A Mystical Celebration Of Clues 6/21/2009
51. Becoming More Curious 6/21/2009
52. The Voices Of Time 6/25/2009
53. Rehab. 6/26/2009
54. Its The Game 7/4/2009
55. Once Upon A Planet 7/25/2009
56. Tis Made From Agree 7/25/2009
57. I Believe, Help My Unbelief 5/21/2009
58. Fast 5/21/2009
59. Poetry Is Soul Talk 5/25/2009
60. It Is Possible 5/26/2009
61. Early Upon The Morn 7/25/2009
62. That Green Field 7/25/2009
63. The Mists Of Time 7/25/2009
64. What Is Hate? 7/26/2009
65. Good Is It All 7/27/2009
66. I'Ll Stay For Now 7/31/2009
67. Snacking One Day 7/31/2009
68. The Window That Is I 8/13/2009
69. Champaign Cognac 8/15/2009
70. I Started My Day As If It Belonged To You 8/15/2009
71. Thoughts Ahead Of Myself 8/15/2009
72. A Mysterious Angelic Music 8/15/2009
73. The Youniverse Wants You To Be! 8/17/2009
74. Diagnosis: Unique 8/29/2009
75. An Experience Of Life 9/3/2009
76. A Return 9/3/2009
77. A Simple Request 9/3/2009
78. An Openess 9/3/2009
79. A Thought 9/3/2009
80. A Collection.... 9/10/2009

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12 New Ideas

These twelve new ideas are the result of an individual's experience. We are creative beings...we are all co-creators.

1. We admitted we are powerful creative beings, that our lives are direct reflection of our use of our inner creative imaginative spirit.

2. We now understand and know that a power greater than ourselves moves to us and through us; even when we don't feel it.

3. We now make a decision to open ourselves to a greater creative expression in our daily life by creating new work, play and art.

4. We inventory our ideas and lives to become aware and ...

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If It Were My Last Day

If it were my last day, just what would I do?
Would I charter a plane to Timbuktu?
Would I make a special work of art for all to view?

If it were my last day what would I do? I know I wouldn't waste time trying to buy something new. I might write a verse especially for you.

If it were my last day one thing I would do, organize my will and pray alot too.

If it were my last day I'd call my enemies and friends,

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