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A Few Minutes Ago

Just minutes ago, that is to reference a time, a time that now only exist in memory, I (me, my person) was at a referenced space and time minutes ago almost as great certainty, not to infer any ambiguous meaning, certainty with sound, logic (to not be in speculation) convinced truth, was almost smashed, flattened, destroyed, brought to a gory death by a red light running, speeding (going faster than the speed limit) , careless, meaning without concern for negative consequences of another, MTA bus number 30. This event took place in the following sequence….

Moments before this event, I...

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I Wrestled With A Statue

As I walked alone, it jumped on my back!
It's weight pushed me to the ground,
a rather violent attack.

It laughed in a playful tone,
I rolled and pinned it down.
Something familiar about it's dress and face -
for a moment it was hard to place,
but as it disappeared my memory came around.