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she is delicate as flower,
she is fresh as pearl.
she is showy yet she is original.

she want someone who listen to her,
her dreams, pain, just all silly stuff,
who just affirm her, who hold her, talk to her.

Romantic love is always not sweet,
it suck your life and it is all sluggish.

In this path there are heartbreaks,

i have seen the first dropp of rain,
in the dry hotest, desert plain.
i have seen the eyes full of pain,
when soldier left their home with fain.

you are the reason i smile,
you gave me inspiration.
you are my motivation,
you brighten my life.

i don't worship seasons,
i never say my prayer to holy men.
for me we all from one source,
and all humen are same.

Today when i stay all alone.
thinking about the time,
which is gone.
ponder over deep.

when i see the sky,
i lost in clouds,
and i want to fly.
i don't have wings,

when the season of spring come,
the flowers spreed the colours & breeze.
when the birds sings the worldless songs,
but its means pleasure, joy, happiness & love.

sometimes when I feel overwhelmed,
by the complication of life, busy schedule,
meetings, expectations and deadlines.
I feel that iam lost, iam in trape,

Once upon a time, there was a girl,
who was so sweet and pure as pearl.

she was very inocent and had soul,

When i will be independent,
from the people, who validate me.

When i will able to make choices,

Iam having wards with thunders,
ask light to stay away from me.

In this dark night all pain will melt,

Someday she may make excuse to back,
she knew's that i will never call her again.

Why i pray, why i still wish for her,

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Being Women! ! !

she is delicate as flower,
she is fresh as pearl.
she is showy yet she is original.

she is inocent yet daring,
her heart is very caring.
she looks girly but little tomboy at heart,
yes, she is very different from mob.

she is flirtious, she is pure,
she is girl next door.
being women she play's many role,
she is in my soul.

she is super model,
she is full time mother,
she can found on stage,
she can be in wait.
she walk down street,
she may dance in rain.
she is very intelligent,
some times have no brain.

she smoke, she ride,
she is running tide.
she is angel,
she is wild.

she is modest, she is upbeat,
she is patience yet she is impulsive.
she is headache yet she is innerpeace,
she is crazy and expressive.
she is witty and open minded,
she is idealistic and independent.

she is incredibly hot yet can be cold,
she is so simple but very bold.
she is unpredictable,
she is beyond compare.

she is heaven yet can be hell,
she is so sensitive, cry out of pain.

she engage in gossiping,
at certain time remian mum.
she cook, she wash, she scrub.
she clean, she laugh,
and she make fun.

she is good omen, she is prayer,
she is confident yet have fears.
she is workholic yet can be nut,
she love luxury yet live in a hut.

you can worship her,
you can cherish her.
you can love her,
you can hate her.
you can break her,
you can make her.

she is good women, she is bad one,
she is happy women, she is sad one.

bushra ul hussaini.

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