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My Love Lah Lah By

I know i am not so perfect
In most of the things
In life.

More Worth Than A Father

Father, father? father!
How treasury is your
That it is sweater

A Broom And The Sweepers

People from different societies
And states come to sweep
Using different types of

A Stranger That Left No Part Of My Body Un Touched

At first sight you tore my heart apart
Up to date i still cant tell your nature
For you are strange in every thing
In that you love

Who Is A Friend Worth One

A friend is not any one
For friendship
May seem simple
Though complex.

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From my kindergarten(mother Kevin nursery school) i was able to proceed to primary 1-7 at st peters primary school Nsambya. Later on i did attain my secondary education at kisubi high school for both my 'o' and 'A'
level. whereby currently I'm doing my degree in law(now in my senior year)

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