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C.B.A. Reiss Poems

1. Daybreak 10/11/2012
2. The Lamppost 10/12/2012
3. Entertain Your Thoughts Elsewhere 10/12/2012
4. All Of The Lights 10/12/2012
Best Poem of C.B.A. Reiss

The Lamppost

Because its not really something
you say anymore, it's not
even something I hear.
Its just those words you wrote
On the lamppost one day
The words that you just made appear

I could ignore the name of
your band that you branded all
over my town,
it didnt make my heart slip
as I skipped
didn't at all
keep me down.

But the lamppost that stands
in my way each day now
stands up for you it seems...
Has started to make me miss
a beat and allows you
into my dreams.

But if ever I saw the lamppost
again without your writing on ...

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