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A Wet Dog Shaking Himself Dry

Tailored dresses, tailored skin tight
glisten under the midnight moon beams
and car headlights.
Such beateous women shouldn't stay in the rain


Deplorable Melancholy

She weeps a melody of wistful melancholy.
I yearn to help her mend, but join in harmony.
In minor keys our strains will lilt on magically.

Twilight-A New Day

Spread my wings
and fly away

Shed a tear

The Little Chicks

Minuscule, dainty, flocculent and docile
Creations of the sun and beautiful sunflowers
Scent of fresh milks and esters
Flavorings of rose and chrysanthemums

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Hirzel Davids 24 June 2008

thank you for ur kind comment on my poem. i appreciate it.: P

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