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A Heart

At first to love I thought I knew,
but then I was told a thing or two,
'You're only smart,
you don't care,

I'Ll Prove You Wrong, You'Ll See

I wake up everyday thinking I have a place in this world,
just going through my day to day tasks,
brooding all alone,
I won't even say a word.

A Friend Indeed

You are my friend,
my friend indeed.
You're always there,
when I'm in need.

My True Friend

Friends are angels sent from above,
precious gifts from God that would surely give us love.

We might not be related in looks and in blood,


Never in my wildest dreams,
Have I ever seen someone so wonderful, or so it seems.
Given the chance to know someone like you,
Oh, I must say it's a dream come true.

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I enjoy writing poems.

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