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It grabs us when we're not looking and makes us cry and scream. It makes us feel our blood is cooking, which is why that's what it'd seem.

People looking on, often look so calm. Before one is grown there are no thoughts of alm.

My Colorful Life

When I was born in '72, I was colored insecure.
Thanks to Jesus Christ, I've now been colored pure.

I've been colored a mama.

A Christmas Story (2007)

Split peas are cooking in the crock; our children have gone home.
The last week of '07, with them we walked. We're glad they're in our tome.

Our home's been filled with chatter. We're saddened they have left.

A True Travelin' Tennessee Tale

This is our tale in all of its glory.
It's a tale of a Tennessee road-trip story.

As we headed east away from the fading sun;
the journey ensued had only begun.

I'Ll Never Forget... My Aunt Nette

All throughout my childhood 'Aunt Nette' was there to smile and make me laugh. Of all the things I've been grateful for, one was that my 'Aunt Nette' I did have.

I was proud to push her wheelchair; she'd smile as we rolled.
That she'd be here forever's been my prayer; I'd hoped to see her old.

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