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A blue-green birthing of me
Frothy sloshing with salted smell
I glide in the current
And I bobble in the swell

The year is 1979.
Hello father
I am your son
You and mom have a wonderful chance

Elevated above touch
To descend on pillows
Wrapped and caudled
Bare no marks

Spires rise above
The brow of the amazed ascends
In awe of a woodlands cohesion
Limestone boulders protrude, not elude

Shockingly crisp, clean air
Waking us from slumber
Cotton candy sunrise
Blaze a frozen desert

Winding path among ancient giants
Ancient Redwoods tower over her and I
We have our packs on
And boots tied tight

Calico fur
Grandmother's quilt
Insanity creepeth

A frost descends
Encasing me
A cocoon in kelvin
Wow this hurts

A creaky screen door
On an Allegheny porch
Rolling rockers
On paint chipped planks

The lighthouse flashed periodically
As I stood and watched the ocean's arms
Slap into the precipice of rocks
Rocks that sit there and get beat


Wonderful advance
With smile and dance
Collapse your body on me
Bronze fawn skin


Old and worn is our plumage
None too bright and none too fresh
We have traveled great distances
Standing like snakes in a daze

He has a beautiful song
An ascending measure with a buzzy quality
He sits on low branches
Among semi-open areas


The lights have turned off
The sound of the switch echoes
Like a web. Darkness envelopes.
Feeling suspended and weightless

Lean on me with putrid weight
As you've done so much
Crooked and forlorn
Brittle but strong

Olden days crept from stench
The stench of blank eyes and empty skulls
They hear it moving


You know...
I sure was sad to flip through the pages
And watch my life unfold
I saw my life in the precious years

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I came here to enjoy poetry.)

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Warm Waters

A blue-green birthing of me
Frothy sloshing with salted smell
I glide in the current
And I bobble in the swell
Below are my dangling feet
To root into the sand
The matriarchal torrent spins me
With a soft caress of her hand
Bleeding out with love so new
Dialates my world to me
Normality has fell askew
To creatures with diplomacy
I'd clasp the hand of nothing stale
While casting shadows on the deep
Nary a soul will mortify
While death still tends to creep.

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