Hello Father Poem by C.R. Blazo

Hello Father

The year is 1979.
Hello father
I am your son
You and mom have a wonderful chance
I am here for you
To mold. To refine.
To make better than you
A beautiful gift you are part of
Where have you gone?
Hello father
I am older now
I am growing like you
I am doing what you do
I am emulating you
But you don't see me
You don't pat me
Your back is what I see
Where have you gone?
Hello father
I am now turning teen
Changes in my life so complex
I have my own thoughts
I have my own beliefs
But I'm not sure if they are correct
Moms can only do so much
But a father to a son
Is mighty. Indestructible. Heroic.
Where have you gone?
Hello father
I am now a man
I know all about you
I know your type
I was too young to see
That you were not a father
Just a person playing one to me.

Ellias Anderson Jr. 01 November 2012

The time is the cleaner in my ideas, the tiem will remind us lots of things well doen bro

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Poetheart Morgan 07 October 2012

speechless. Very, very touching! ! !

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 07 October 2012

the feelings of a child about the father, who did not play his part..very touching! the last two lines are very effective!

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Valerie Dohren 07 October 2012

A fathers love and presence is always so important - great write.

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Neela Nath Das 06 October 2012

The urge to see father is so earnestly drawn here. It will be ringing for a long time in my ear.Kudos!

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C.R. Blazo

C.R. Blazo

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