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1. U Tell Me Things 3/4/2006
2. Confused 3/4/2006
3. Why Me 3/4/2006
4. Cause Pain 3/4/2006
5. Undesired 3/4/2006
6. For My Friend 3/4/2006
7. Misbelief 3/4/2006
8. Suicide Lover 3/4/2006
9. Envey 3/4/2006
10. Pushed And Pulled 3/3/2006
11. If I Died 4/8/2006
12. Friends To Foes 7/31/2006
13. My Friend 7/31/2006
14. Pain 7/31/2006
15. Stars And Dreams 12/17/2008
16. That Little Town 12/17/2008
17. Copper Wish 12/17/2008
18. Watch 12/17/2008
19. Fears 12/17/2008
20. Tears Fall Down 12/17/2008
21. Words Or Touch 12/17/2008
22. Wondering 12/17/2008
23. Time 12/17/2008
24. The Things U Know 3/10/2009
25. Will I 3/10/2009
26. Confused Thoughts 3/10/2009
27. Trying 12/17/2008
28. Who I Am 7/31/2006
29. These Walls 3/3/2006
30. I Slit My Wrist 3/5/2006

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I Slit My Wrist

I slit my wrist
and watch the blood drip down
as it carry's away the pain
And as I fall to the ground
I think about the pain that's being drained
As I slip into a restless sleep
I think about what i did this week
As i think i start to cry
For I feel sorrow
For the rejection and the fear of tomorrow
I rise awake to grab a knife
then slice away
doing so again and again
till it all bleeds away
I look at the knife
And the blood spilled on the floor
And wonders 'why does it poor? '
I start to feel relief
for only a brief
of time shall I be ...

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Pushed And Pulled

I get pushed and pulled, hit and hugged
in every way no matter what I do I either get in trouble or straighten it out it's so confusing so stressful I'm out of my mind
I laugh everyday and I have a good time
but on other side I'm being ripped away.
I can't handle it
but no matter what I do I'm always in it
I can't stand I can't walk away
I'm stuck in the middle with nothing to do but I have to live
I can't survive I'll try my best and I'll try to live through this

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