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Tears fallin' from my eyes,
Down they went, sliding off my cheeks.
Oceans of pain with swirls of sorrow,
enclosed in the deep chambers of my heart.


The dream I saw last night made me smile,
and recalled me of the days when we were together,
Cause baby it's your love that keeps me alive,
But I'm tired of waiting, why don't you just arrive?

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Oh I'm kinda... idk really an un-understandable personality: p lol Oh well, I'm 18, intelligent, smart, loving, a bit rude for strangers, gonna join university soon, love having fun and and and I LOOOOOOVVVEEEE singing <3 I'm quite a singer. Poetry.. yea I'd buy that: p I guess that's all for now, I'm in hurry so can't explain more. Cya :)

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