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I love you but your killing me.

I never know when to talk.

I Lay Here In The Grass Looking Into The Baby Blue Sky.
Smoking A Ciggarette.
I Blow Smoke Rings and Pop Them With My Finger.
The Sun Is Bright, The Birds are Loud, and You Are Gone

I wish you would be quiet.
I want to say something.
You talk over me like Im nothing.
Then accuse me of not letting you into my life.

What is love?
Everyone Tries To Explain It
But Love Has No Meaning
Its Amazing and Beautiful Some Say

I Walk Alone, I'm Cold and Scared.
I Don't Know Where I Am Or How I Got Here
People Starring And Poking At Me
I Want To Go Home, I Want To Be In My Bed

I walk down the halls of this hell
Looking for a way out
I open each door but there is nothing
Nothing But darkness ready to Swallow me

I Thought You Loved Me.
Now I See All You Wanted,
Was To Play Me.

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Til Death Do Us Part.

I love you but your killing me.

I never know when to talk.

I'm Scared to ask you anything.

I'm being smothered and I can't yell for help.

No One Knows, They Just Dont know.

I smile at Thanksgiving and act like nothing is wrong.

On the inside I want to run and never turn back.

I would give up my home, my family, my everything.

To be free.

Your hands they are so big, so hard.

I remeber when I was nineteen, they were so soft and caressing.

My face is Numb. The Potatoes were cold. Im sorry.

The bleeding from my nose has stopped but the bleeding in my heart will never.

Last Night while you were sleeping I thought about leaving.

I cant.

I wont.

Its not your fault its mine.

I dont clean well enough, I dont cook worth a damn.

My throat is burning. Not from you tho babe.

Its from my bottle of Vicodin. I just took.

52 left in the bottle.

I know I need to die. Not by your hands but by my own.

I dont need to disappoint you anymore.

I love you, I always will.

My King.

Oh here you come.

I will smile and lay beside you in bed in a minute and as you sleep I will pass, I will be free.

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