Lost Friend Poem by Candice Darling

Lost Friend

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I Lay Here In The Grass Looking Into The Baby Blue Sky.
Smoking A Ciggarette.
I Blow Smoke Rings and Pop Them With My Finger.
The Sun Is Bright, The Birds are Loud, and You Are Gone
You Left Me Yesterday.
Mom Calls Me Inside To Get Ready To Come See You.
I Dont Want To Put On The Dress, I Dont Want To See You.
You Left Me. One Minute You Were There.....
The Next You Were Running From Me.
I Saw The Car Coming. I Could Have Called After You.
I Was Frozen. I'm Sorry.
You Are The One That Is Gone, Not Me.
You Said You Would Always Be There.
You Lied. I Need You and You Just Left.
People Who Have Will To Live Dont Die.
If You Cared How Could You Do This To Me.
I Lost You Yesterday.
Im Sorry. Im Coming. I Cant Leave You Alone In A Stuffy Box.
I Will Come. I Wont Cry. I Will Come and Say My Good Byes.

- In Loving Memory Of David Martin.

This Kid 05 February 2008

beautiful poem, and im sorry for your loss. i know how it feels to lose someone.

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Candice Darling

Candice Darling

Portsmouth, Virginia
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