Candy Simpson

Candy Simpson Poems

1. The One? 4/19/2011
2. My Ex-Farther 4/19/2011
3. Masked In A Crowd 4/19/2011
4. You Make Me Perfect 4/19/2011
5. No Dad Of Mine 4/19/2011
6. Whats Wrong Friend? 4/19/2011
7. Thanks Parents 4/23/2011
8. What's Happening 4/23/2011
9. My Own Two-Faced Mask 5/18/2011
10. Not About You 4/20/2011
11. Why, Why, Why 5/26/2011
12. Waiting For The Letter 6/28/2011
13. True Love 6/28/2011
14. Your My Angel 6/28/2011
15. Love For You 6/28/2011
16. You Are My Love 6/28/2011
17. Room Of You 8/24/2011
18. You Are This To Me 8/24/2011
19. Time To Move On 8/24/2011
20. 8/26/2011
21. Started With A Razor 8/27/2011
22. I Am A Razor 8/27/2011
23. Let Me Go 8/27/2011
24. Why Mum? 8/27/2011
25. Normal Girl? 8/28/2011
26. Secret Desire 8/28/2011
27. Life Without You 9/6/2011
28. Love 4/19/2011
29. Why Love Me Now? 4/20/2011
30. I Want Your Help But Cant Have It! 5/18/2011
31. Daddy Nobody 4/20/2011
32. I Hate You 4/19/2011
33. Anger 8/28/2011
34. Hate 8/28/2011
35. Cutting 7/25/2011
36. Sorry 4/23/2011
37. So Angry! 6/6/2011
38. Just To Make You Proud! 6/19/2011
39. Just Friends? 8/4/2011
40. Friend You Can Depend On 9/5/2011

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Why Do You Love Football?

Why do you love football?
What do you see in it?
Why not watch another sport
Like Rugby, Golf, or Cricket?

Well let me answer that my friend
And put your mind at rest
I love the beautiful game
Because it's simply the best

No other sport is as exciting
No other comes anywhere near
Football can create passion
And lots of atmosphere

It is loved all around the world
Most children kick a football
Rich kids, and poor kids
small kids, and some very tall

A good football match is a joy to watch
That's why thousands go to every ...

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Daddy, Let Me Down

Why do I blame myself when the one who should be ashamed is you?
Why should I suffer when it’s your mind that is askew?
Why do I cry wondering if you ever feel the pain you made me feel inside?
And all you can say is I was young but I tried! !
I just want to forget about the past, but the past is a part of me!
And I want to move on to see how it would be
As I grow older, I realize there is no way I could have prevented it
But I won’t waste myself on you, not even spit
No one knows w

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