Why Do You Love Football? Poem by Candy Simpson

Why Do You Love Football?

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Why do you love football?
What do you see in it?
Why not watch another sport
Like Rugby, Golf, or Cricket?

Well let me answer that my friend
And put your mind at rest
I love the beautiful game
Because it's simply the best

No other sport is as exciting
No other comes anywhere near
Football can create passion
And lots of atmosphere

It is loved all around the world
Most children kick a football
Rich kids, and poor kids
small kids, and some very tall

A good football match is a joy to watch
That's why thousands go to every game
When you get goals and lots of action
All the fans are so glad that they came

So yes my friend I do love football
It's by far the number one sport for me
So while you're watching Golf and Cricket
I'll be watching Match of the Day, or Man U F.C.

Brian Jani 16 June 2014

Nice poem here candy

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Brian Jani 16 June 2014

This is so awesome

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Bryce Bell 04 April 2019

what the flip this is not helpful

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