Captain Hook

Captain Hook Poems

1. The Cure 6/27/2006
2. This Love 6/30/2006
3. Infatuation: A Past Present 7/2/2006
4. Letter To A Fellow Pirate 7/3/2006
5. A Veracious Grim Reaper (Av: Gr) 9/3/2006
6. Dream.... 11/21/2006
7. Winter Romances 12/9/2006
8. Buried In The Concrete 12/23/2006
9. What If? 12/28/2006
10. Blind Loves' Hostages 1/20/2007
11. Perfect 2/4/2007
12. War O' Valentines Day 2/8/2007
13. Life 2/12/2007
14. Treasure 7/21/2006
15. Age Ol' Time 2/10/2007
16. Another Paige In The Book 7/20/2006
17. A Lonely Shade Of Gray 7/2/2006
18. To Be Honest 6/26/2006
19. Angel On A Falling Star 8/2/2006

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Best Poem of Captain Hook

A Lonely Shade Of Gray

I'm that mixture of light and dark you see everyday
I'm no longer a soldier but a man-of-war
I'm a tongue twister a loser to a tug-of-war
I'm the one and only seashell she sells by the shore
I'm no bright color I'm just a lonely shade of gray

You say your off your off to find yourself
To find your wings I hope you set soar
For you need me not a colorless kite dusty upon your shelf
My heart falls to pieces as you are oft to fly
One question remains as you leave the door

Why do you love him?
When he doesn't love you back
He never cared ...

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This Love

Is this what i deserve
This unending game
Guess i had some nerve
To try and reclaim
This love
This love
This so called love

These past memories wish i could erase