Carlos Drummond de Andrade

Carlos Drummond de Andrade Poems

1. Aporia 3/24/2010
2. Boy Crying In The Night 3/24/2010
3. New Year's Recipe 3/24/2010
4. Society 3/24/2010
5. The House Of Times Past 3/24/2010
6. The Dead In Frock Coats 3/24/2010
7. Beach - Palm - Peace 3/24/2010
8. In Front Of The Photos Of Evandro Teixeira -- English Translation Of Diante Das Fotos De Evandro Teixeira 3/24/2010
9. Inconfesso Desejo -- With English Translation 3/24/2010
10. Flesh That Is Shamed 3/24/2010
11. Receita De Ano Novo 3/29/2010
12. An Ox Looks At Man 3/24/2010
13. Square Dance -- English Translation Of Quadrilha 3/24/2010
14. Lost Hope 3/24/2010
15. The Wander's Illusion 3/24/2010
16. The Word 3/24/2010
17. Dawn 3/24/2010
18. Sentimento Do Mundo 3/29/2010
19. Where Not Long Ago We Talked 3/24/2010
20. Souvenir Of The Ancient World 3/29/2010
21. Para Sempre -- With English Translation 3/29/2010
22. Residue 3/24/2010
23. The Great Pain Of Things That Will Happen 3/24/2010
24. Seven-Sided Poem 3/24/2010
25. The Onset Of Love 3/24/2010
26. Truth 3/24/2010
27. For Always -- English Translation Of Para Sempre 3/24/2010
28. To Remember Life 3/24/2010
29. Shoulders Support The World 3/24/2010
30. Letter To Stalingrad 3/24/2010
31. Ulterior Desire -- English Translation Of Inconfesso Desejo 3/24/2010
32. Poetry 3/24/2010
33. Sentiment Of The World 3/24/2010
34. To Wake, To Live 3/24/2010
35. In The Middle Of The Road 3/24/2010
36. Quadrilha -- With English Translation 3/24/2010
37. José 3/24/2010
38. Time 3/24/2010
39. Don'T Kill Yourself 3/24/2010
40. The Elephant 3/24/2010

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Best Poem of Carlos Drummond de Andrade

Souvenir Of The Ancient World

Clara strolled in the garden with the children.
The sky was green over the grass,
the water was golden under the bridges,
other elements were blue and rose and orange,
a policeman smiled, bicycles passed,
a girl stepped onto the lawn to catch a bird,
the whole world--Germany, China--
all was quiet around Clara.

The children looked at the sky: it was not forbidden.
Mouth, nose, eyes were open. There was no danger.
What Clara feared were the flu, the heat, the insects.
Clara feared missing the eleven o'clock trolley:
She waited for letters slow to ...

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Boy Crying In The Night

In the warm, humid night, noiseless and dead, a boy cries.
His crying behind the wall, the light behind the window
are lost in the shadow of muffled footsteps, of tired voices.
Yet the sound of medicine poured into a spoon can be heard.

A boy cries in the night, behind the wall, across the street,
far away a boy cries, in another city,
in another world, perhaps.

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