Carmina Abrenica Poems

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Once There Was A Friend

Here's to the friends I got along
In a time with the notion we belong
To the pages we shared for long
All ended up with a painful song

In Solitude

Time after time I juggled
Between waking up and sleeping
I remember how we chuckled
Over cans of beer we're drinking

Thinking Of You

I think of you wherever I go
As the wind shall sweetly blow
I miss you, and we both know
My heart fonder it will grow

True Colors

Hail thy shades of marigold
Against all odds, we're ever bold
Fear not as twilight shall unfold
Flames of hope til hundreds old

Let Me Be

Let me be your cup of coffee
You delight in every single day
Making you perpetually happy
Giving your gentle heart a sway

A Memento

Alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic
At 12: 15 of a special morning
T'was pretty much the clock's tick
What could even be more romantic?

Idylls Of Nirvana

A lonesome soul was I
Tried searching far and wide
Someone unlooked for glided by
And thee never left my side


Metamorphosed butterfly
In your palm is where it lies
One rainy Sunday afternoon
In an eye's blink, it flew too soon


Spilling out like sentences as thoughts rippled
Waves of sadness washed all over me
A terrible twist of fate it ought to be
A tragic soul had stolen the life of my entire body

The Call

The pink-tinged cloud thwart the sea
Gestured hope from a promising plea
The grain of sand I felt as I walked t'wards thr shore
Tickled a wish that I may be with the one I adore

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