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Tears secretly sting my eyes

A feeling of fear so intense

Who am I if I'm not someone else's

What am I doing building other people's dreams

A little girl sits at the edge of the sea

Digging for creatures in the cool, wet sand

On a salty night

with an evanescent mist

She had eyes as blue as the ocean

On it's most clear and beautiful day

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Carol Nichols grew up in the small fishing town of Sebastian Florida. Being a salty Florida girl, the ocean inspires a lot of her writing. She has no previous publications but is working on a small collection to be made into a poetry chapbook. She is a member of the Laura Riding Jackson Foundation Writer's Club.)

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Neurotic By Nature

Tears secretly sting my eyes

A feeling of fear so intense

It's now consuming my body and mind

My chest is heavy, voice is pinched

Anxiety starts to burn a hole

Like a cigarette touching paper

An emotion that cannot be controlled

Making me neurotic by nature

Face tingling, my mind is racing

There's no reaction to the breaths I'm taking

Paying a debt I do not yet owe

Imprisoned in my own head

Put on a smile, don't let it show

That I want to scream but I laugh instead

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To write is to entertain, to seduce the reader. It is lonely work but it gives you the chance to be great on your own.

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Carol Nichols Popularity

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