Carolyn Wells

(1869-1942 / the United States)

Carolyn Wells Poems

1. A Day Dream 9/13/2010
2. A Dream Lesson 9/13/2010
3. A Long-Felt Want 9/13/2010
4. A Marvel 9/13/2010
5. A Penitential Week 9/13/2010
6. A Phenomenal Fauna 9/13/2010
7. A Photographic Failure 9/13/2010
8. A Tragic Tale Of Tea 9/13/2010
9. An Intercepted Valentine 9/13/2010
10. An Old Love 9/13/2010
11. Found Wanting 9/13/2010
12. How The Cat Was Belled 9/13/2010
13. My Barometer 9/13/2010
14. Opulent Ollie 9/13/2010
15. Our Club 9/13/2010
16. Styx River Anthology 9/13/2010
17. The Grandiloquent Goat 9/13/2010
18. The Happy Hyena 9/13/2010
19. The Instructiphone 9/13/2010
20. The Intelligent Hen 9/13/2010
21. The Lay Of The Lady Lorraine 9/13/2010
22. The Arch Armadillo 9/13/2010
23. The Musical Carp 9/13/2010
24. The New Cup 9/13/2010
25. The Rivals 9/13/2010
26. The Smiling Shark 9/13/2010
27. The Spelling Lesson 9/13/2010
28. The Poster-Girl After Dante Gabriel Rossetti 9/13/2010
29. The Purple Cow Parodies 9/13/2010
30. Young America 9/13/2010
31. Sea-Butterflies 7/22/2015
32. A Canner Exceedingly Canny 2/3/2015
33. The Rhyme Of Triangular Tommy 9/13/2010
34. The Funny Kittens 9/13/2010
35. The Very Merry Voyage Of The Macaroni Man 9/13/2010
36. The Strike Of The Fireworks 9/13/2010
37. Dorothy's Opinion 9/13/2010
38. Bobby's Pocket 9/13/2010
39. A Valuable Gift 9/13/2010
40. An Alice Alphabet 9/13/2010
Best Poem of Carolyn Wells

The Poster Girl's Defence

It was an Artless Poster Girl pinned up against my wall,
She was tremendous ugly, she was exceeding tall;
I was gazing at her idly, and I think I must have slept,
For that poster maiden lifted up her poster voice, and wept.

She said between her poster sobs, ‘I think it's rather rough
To be jeered and fleered and flouted, and I've stood it long enough;
I'm tired of being quoted as a Fright and Fad and Freak,
And I take this opportunity my poster mind to speak.

‘Although my hair is carmine and my nose is edged with blue,
Although my style is splashy and my ...

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A Dream Lesson

Once there was a little boy who wouldn't go to bed,
When they hinted at the subject he would only shake his head,
When they asked him his intentions, he informed them pretty straight
That he wouldn't go to bed at all, and Nursey needn't wait.

As their arguments grew stronger, and their attitude more strict,
I grieve to say that naughty boy just yelled and screamed and kicked.
And he made up awful faces, and he told them up and down
That he wouldn't go to bed for all the nurses in the to

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