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1. Truth 6/14/2012
2. Where I Want To Be 6/14/2012
3. Rain 6/14/2012
4. Lessons Learned 6/15/2012
5. Maybe 6/18/2012
6. Maybe's Reprise 6/18/2012
7. Hypothetically Speaking 6/19/2012
8. My God 6/20/2012
9. About My Writers Block 6/26/2012
10. Happy Birthday Jay Dub-Yah 7/14/2012
11. You Really Don'T Get It 7/16/2012
12. Should We Stay Or Go Our Separate Ways Into Dear Grandpa 7/16/2012
13. Wishes 7/16/2012
14. Through The Thunder 7/16/2012
15. My Ammunition 7/23/2012
16. Trying To Breathe 7/25/2012

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Where I Want To Be

What am I when you're not around?
Hopelessly lost, begging to be found
Effortlessly; you're on my mind, heart and soul
Reality has it out... you're in control
Even though I don't like to be led to do...

I will go wherever you lead, because I only wanna be with you

Wow, Oh my God, how many times can I say it?
About a million more, if need be, sweetie, or I can delay it
Never a moment when you're not in my heart
True, every word... every line... every spark

To be with you is: amazing, silly, romantic
Obtuse (larger than average)

Be my ...

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Lies... is what everyone is all about
Seriously... it wasn't until the other day that I figured it out
He said, she said, switch around their words
so that all the wrong you've caused looks like it never could've occured

Lies... in between all the truth
it's sad because lying is a daily thing in our youth

She called you this. He said that

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