Cassaries Johnson Poems

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Illusionists And Conjurers

To deceive, to seduce, to coerce,
That is where humanity shines
We love to confuse, we feed on persuasion,
The greatest rulers hold the book of minds

A Synopsis Of Modern Society

Maniacs in mangers, faithfuls in ruin,
This is the state of the world,
Of misdoings and future uncertain

The Reason We Live

This world, it is all an illusion
From which we cannot be freed
But if there is no true destination,
Why do we torture ourselves in this world?

Ode To Absurdity

So what if I'm an abused wife
or a poor beggar with a terrible life?
It's the simplest things that keep me alive,
Like the number of fingers I have is still five

Challenging The Universal Monarch

God, allow me now to speak
For I have a word for thee
I know what even you seek;
To say, “All obey only Me.”

Signs Of Spring

Oh how Spring has finally come
and poked out her flowery head,
from the shed she calls her home
in the bitter cold that is Winter

The World In Which We Live

The world in which we live,
It does not care for us,
There is no god to save us

Death, The Silent Collector

A knife thrust or a gunshot,
a blazing fire or a great fall,
Death will be there, waiting,
Death will be there to take her lot

Kings In Court

Brothers, break the spell you're under!
Awake before you're torn asunder,
Mind from body, blindly following
your mistress's hand and words like dogs,

Symphony Of Seduction,1st Movement

It is natural to base attraction
on physical attributes out and in,
It may well determine the first action
to read a book that may fortell the end

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