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Here I am
A lonely jail bird
Falling apart
At every word

Depression is darkness
Threatening your life
It tricks you
Into thinking of your strife

I thought about you today
And I wondered to myself
How we got this far
Was it something I did?

I did not ask for a life of pain
I did not ask for a life full of shame
I did not ask to be abused growing up
I did not ask for this dead girl to show up

There is a voice here
There is a voice there
There are voices everywhere
No matter how fast I run

I feel so lost
And confused at times
Is this what you had in mind
When I said to you

As I lay here in bed
With darkness all around me
I begin to have flash backs
As my past surrounds me

Jesus when you call my name
I will say here am I
For anything you ask of me
I will obey

'Who am I? '
You ask
I'm me

My heart is set on you Jesus
But my mind is stuck in the past
I feel so lost and confused
What happened to that fire Jesus?

here I am
Looking back
At all the pain
Of my past

What is this feeling
That seems to be taking over me?
This feeling of pain and suffering
It feels as if

my life has been,
so full of pain.
my heart broken,
in so many ways.

as I sit here alone
the pain from my past
begins to creep up on me ever so slowly
and I begin to wonder

why is it so hard to find love?
even if it's sitting
right before our eyes?
a lot of people in the world

I've seen many storms
come and go in my life
some so strong
I almost gave up and lost my fight

When I first met you
I wanted to run
And hide my emotions
But for some reason

If I lose control
Would you turn away?
And tell me you hate me?

Sometimes I cry
Because I miss you so much
I just wish you were here
So I could say one last good bye

Welcome to my life
Where everything goes wrong
And nothing seems right
Where you think you know somebody

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Lonely Jail Bird

Here I am
A lonely jail bird
Falling apart
At every word
Here I am
A lonely jail girl
Totally lost
While going around in a whirl
Here I am
A lonely sister
For someone to listen to her
Here I am
A lonely lover
Waiting for
Her man to come get her
Here I am
A lonely jail bird
Her final verdict

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