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O what is this that doth taste so sweet
Wrapped in nuts, making life complete?
Tis cocoa, butter and sugar neat

On international friendship day
I cement my friendship with you
In bricks of stone and mortar alone
Are not strong castles made

The shooting stars
The pink grey skies
Early in the morning
Or late twilight

O Grenfell O Tower of Babel
You had to go
you brought so many people together
its obvious you had to go

On the highway
The internet highway
The surf is always up
Never stop surfing


40 be a special number

It doth have a special place in history
Hear ye and mark not assunder


Wake up now, you're out of bed!
Morpheus is appeased
The dreams have ceased
The day you still have to seize.

A wise old man sat on the stone
Many a sin he knew he had to atone
His crinkled eyes
Though gave the game away

Winter Lights
The ceremony of winter lights
A harbinger of many cold nights
Lit up with many hued beacons of hope

We share our lives
We share our minds
We let out sighs
We are one of a kind

Christmas Time
It is Christmas time
Memories of Auld Lang Syne
& getting together over mulled wine

A lost art form
Still dutifully followed
by rebels refusing to conform
to society's norm

Ullr & Skadi have smiled on us
It must be true
Wishes do come true
We will never be blue

They took us to the road today.
I was shaking like a leaf
When the road got steep
trying the pace to keep

Alice is in wonderland
She sees sights beyond comprehension
With tremendous tension
And even apprehension

There is a box of pearls
In the recess of my head
I touch them up with swirls
Before I go to bed

You are walking down the street with various shades of people,
Bells pealing from the church steeple.
You first wonder how, you wonder why
You decided to even try.

We the girl scouts always prepared
The only ones who dared
And did our cookies share

The feel of paper
The whiff of a book
Together in a cosy nook


Far away in Damascus
A falling star lit up the night sky
2000 years ago one more did appear
To tell people do not fear

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Author Catherine Habbie writes #booksforbabies. Her poems appear in the anthology 'The Golden Years'. You can learn more about her on her media pages: 1.https: // s=09 2.https: // 3.https: // 4.https: // 5.https: // Don't forget to read & post reviews!)

The Best Poem Of Catherine Habbie

An Ode To Chocolate

O what is this that doth taste so sweet
Wrapped in nuts, making life complete?
Tis cocoa, butter and sugar neat

Little drops of divine delight
Quickly keep them away from sight
Gobbled up soon tis the plight

Some are milk and some are dark
Each competing to surpass the mark
Perfect to eat in the park

There is fruit, Belgian and Swiss
One to satisfy every miss
But the best are chocolate kisses

Some are beautifully tinged
But tongues get cruelly singed
When we embark on this binge

Tastes like food from the Ryls
As my mouth with chocolate fills
And from my soul ensues a trill

Those with toffee
Some with coffee
Don't dare laugh ye

Even if to my teeth it clings
My heart benignly begins to sing
Just one more, one chocolate ring

Those with yummy peppermint
They seem to have a curious tint
Accompanying us on a long stint

Then there are truffles
Hush and muffle
Control your sniffles

Let the chocolate quotient be, I say
sufficient unto the day
I will have no other pleasure today

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