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I didn't ask for that pristine wedding gown,
that carefree honeymoon.
For my fairy tale was just a gold ring.

As if it were yesterday, I recall the first time we were alone.
A few moments together, you were just two hours old.
I was stunned by your beauty, overwhelmed with love...
As I held you, I kissed you, I knew I had a promise to uphold.

She sleeps as the moonlight illuminates her bed,
Her dog asleep at her side.
And in her dream,
He is walking hand in hand with her, both blonde as mistaken siblings,

You gave me your touch, you held me so close.
So soft, so gentle, and I hardly know who you are.

You gave me your touch, you held me so close.

Seeking revelation...she lost all clarity to see.
Perfection is not what she looked for.
Who is he? Where can he be?
So she set out to find a man's most shining quality.

In memory of James R. Hodgkinson 1921-2006

Forever a strong and consistent demeanor,
with sea blue eyes and desheveled appearance,

To give of my soul,
It needs to be about my self love, self worth.
The color of my eyes and what they've seen in my world.
Where I've been and where I want to be.

May I still miss you....even now...once in a while?
I promise that you'd never know.
I vowed my silence to you...forced to let you go.
My efforts of intentions sent.

We've all lived beyond our means...
'They' are relentless and made it impossible to ignore...
When all we're asked over and over these days...
Do you know your credit score?

For E.D. who will never understand the gift he gave me.

I wear a silver bracelet on my wrist with its native american facade and I am reminded of a commended freedom and of peaceful spirituality.
Things that are not easy for me to acquire in my world, but easily in a world of others.

In memory of my dear friend Phillip J. Screen

Tell me why, after all this time,
I look for the moon at night,

Dancin' where the stars go blue
Dancin' where the evening fell
Dancin' in your wooden shoes
In a wedding gown

I must always vow to write from my heart.
I think I've accomplished that so far.
To write from the heart is the truth of one's soul.
I may be new at this,

Your world is established.
Everyday predictable, everything in place.
Planets aligned, affairs status quo.
You weather the different climates of each passing day.

I walk along the shore and reach down in the sand,
Finding a small white piece of sea glass now tight in my hand.
A mermaid tear, once a shard of sharp glass,
Smoothed, perfected over time in the ocean's current,

Lost in the fragrant sultry air of this warm summer night,
Longing to forge my mind and pen in poet form.
My eager words outweigh my inspiration,
A struggle within my thoughts, like the brewing of a storm.

In Loving Memory Of Benjamin D. Perotti 1990-2008

Dedicated to all those whose lives he has touched, to all those
who will continue to love him through eternity.

She turns her back from another slammed door.
Another day, another night,
Another betrayal.
Truth and honesty have not helped her testimony.

I just pray that you're alright.
In a world full of fears, weaknesses...
Anxiety and uncertainty...I'll wonder in my days,
If you're pondering yet another crossroad...are you lonely?

We have a feline poltergeist.
She's quite an innocent sight.
Sleeps all day, fluffy white coat, sweet purring, a cat lover's delight.

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'Attentions essential...Analysis not...' -Daryl Hall (For You) 'Closure is nonexistent in the context of memory...look to the new chapter.' -James B. Earley (via Poemhunter) 'I love the Sea as I do my own Soul' -Heinrich Heine 'A Dreamer is one who can only find her way by Moonlight.' -Oscar Wilde)

The Best Poem Of Cathleen Hodgkinson

What I Didn'T Ask For

I didn't ask for that pristine wedding gown,
that carefree honeymoon.
For my fairy tale was just a gold ring.

I didn't ask for the ridicule, belittlement,
your cold, icey, disapproving stares of disgust.

I didn't ask to be the owner of your unhappiness.
Your claims that I diminshed your quality of life.

I didn't ask to overhear the words you said to our little one
as your ex-wife drove away....'that lady used to love me'.

I didn't ask for little by little, for you to dismantle
my already broken soul.
For you gave me love only under condition.

Was I so disappointing?
Was I so undeserving?
I tried, tried, tried so hard.
For I never knew I was so destructive.

Someday you'll get what you didn't ask for.

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