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i am a happy-go-lucky spontaneous highly sarcastic person. my 19 year old son is a very accomplished artist (mommy bragging...never heard of that before, huh?) . i love the outdoors, kayaking, hiking, camping, reading, music, friends, family, new adventures and to constantly try to learn something new each week. my other great love is my 5 year ol ...

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here in my garden
of so called eden
are roots and seeds
planted by uncertainty

Have You Ever?

have you ever stayed awake
through many haunted dreams
have you ever whispered out
all your anguished screams

Destiny's Trail (Raw Version)

Seeking my destiny's trail,
I walk against the crowd,
Ensnared by old memories
fears hunting me down.

A Work Still In Progress (Seriously)

He wrote to her,
a letter declaring
much more than devotion.
In his mind, the words


awoke to the silence
that deafened the ear
awoke to the pain
of a soul being seared

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