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Third of six children born to Hoyt and Anna Bonds. Graduated in 1976 from Lawton Eisenhower High School. Attended college in bits and pieces from 1977 to 1998, including Cameron University, Oklahoma University, and Mid-America Bible College. Work in inventory management in Oklahoma City. Common-law married from 1984-2001 and have four children. 3 years ago I met the man of my destiny, and married him October 16,2004. I love to write short stories and erotica - Life is good.

Cathy Jackson Poems

I Love You, Baby

“I love you baby”
I whisper
As you leave for work.

Epitaph For Homey (My Lovers’ Alter Ego)

Here lies Homey - the chameleon,
Sweet and endearing,
Handsome and charming,
Foolish and deceiving,

Wet Dreams

Before the dawn I lie awake,
With loins astir and muscles tensing
I squeeze my thighs together
To calm the storm


It’s so quiet today, save a few peripheral noises
From the world outside.
Voices down the hall, indistinguishable words,
Clicks on keyboards, paper rustling,

A Poem For My Lover

I watch you from across the room,
My girlfriends all chatting it up with you,
Wanting you...
Wanting to take a ride.

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