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1. Night 1/16/2013
2. Unusual (Mail) 1/16/2013
3. Shakespeare? What A Bore! 1/16/2013
4. The Gates Of Heaven 4/18/2013
5. Memories 4/18/2013
6. Earth's End 4/18/2013
7. Love 4/18/2013
8. Kindness 4/18/2013
9. The Feeling I Can'T Explain 4/18/2013
10. Image Of Perfection 4/18/2013
11. Knock Knock 4/26/2013
12. Socks 4/26/2013
13. It's That One Place 4/26/2013
14. Help 10/9/2013
15. Why Me 10/9/2013
16. War 2/26/2013
17. Last Glance 4/18/2013
18. Words 4/18/2013
19. Roses 4/18/2013
20. Flowers 1/20/2013
21. Iced Tea 4/18/2013

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Best Poem of Cathy Zhang

Iced Tea

There are a lot of beverages
But there's one that feels like a kiss
As I drank it
A fire was lit
Fueling my love for iced tea
That's the drink for me
Not Coke, not Sprite
Mountain Dew, too bright
Iced tea is cool and sweet
My expectations, it will meet
Iced tea is just awesome!
For it I will always come
Iced tea is the best
Compared to all of the rest

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Last Glance

When I close my eyes to see,
The wonderful movie starring me.
This is it, so let me be,
Just hear a few words of mine.

Listen to the last words before I die:
This is where I dream to lie;
Where I look before goodbye,
Before the trusty will be signed.

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