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1. Night 1/16/2013
2. Unusual (Mail) 1/16/2013
3. Shakespeare? What A Bore! 1/16/2013
4. The Gates Of Heaven 4/18/2013
5. Memories 4/18/2013
6. Earth's End 4/18/2013
7. Love 4/18/2013
8. Kindness 4/18/2013
9. The Feeling I Can'T Explain 4/18/2013
10. Image Of Perfection 4/18/2013
11. Knock Knock 4/26/2013
12. Socks 4/26/2013
13. It's That One Place 4/26/2013
14. Help 10/9/2013
15. Why Me 10/9/2013
16. War 2/26/2013
17. Last Glance 4/18/2013
18. Words 4/18/2013
19. Roses 4/18/2013
20. Iced Tea 4/18/2013
21. Flowers 1/20/2013

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Best Poem of Cathy Zhang


I think I will not be there
To see a flower be less that fair

A flower whose hungry mouth looks up
To see the shining sun above

A flower that grows more than a mile
To open her petals with a smile

In spring, the flower will become
A bee's and insect's lovely home

As the water rains down to meet
The flower's beautiful greet

A flower is the most fair
When there are humans who truely care

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Last Glance

When I close my eyes to see,
The wonderful movie starring me.
This is it, so let me be,
Just hear a few words of mine.

Listen to the last words before I die:
This is where I dream to lie;
Where I look before goodbye,
Before the trusty will be signed.

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